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This is a central element of quality assurance. We place great value on working painstakingly and transparently for our customers.

We always carry out quality control to monitor development and production processes in our own analysis laboratories at all our sites. In close cooperation with our customer, all the quality-relevant analysis parameters, for both precursors and products, are specified and measured. To do this we employ a wide range of standard methods.

We are also pleased to carry out analysis with customer-participation in our laboratories.

In addition we can have analysis carried out externally by accredited partner analysis laboratories (e.g. element analysis or microbiological testing).

The following standard analysis procedures are available in our laboratories:

  • Water determination by gravimetric and chemical methods (moisture balance, drying oven, Karl-Fischer titration)
  • Particle sizing in a sieve stack, air-jet sieve or by laser diffraction
  • Determination of the ignition loss
  • Determination of bulk density
  • Visual inspection (appearance, colour)
  • Microscopy (particle structure, surface texture)
  • Determination of pH-value
  • Determination of viscosity
  • Colour measurement
  • Simple gravimetric and volumetric determinations
  • Photometric determinations