Main site Heitersheim - Fluid Bed Spray Units

  • 1 Laboratory Unit:
    • 100 g – 5 kg for feasibility trials
  • 1 Pilot Unit:
    • 20 kg – 5,000 kg for scale-up trials or small-scale production
  • 3 Production Units:
    • 20 tons – 10,000 tons/campaign; multi-purpose plants equipped with two-component nozzels and dust explosion systems protection

Site Genthin - 4 Production Units

  • 3 Fluid Bed Spray Units:
    • 20 tons – 10,000 tons/campaign; plant specialised for washing-powder additives and similar products, equipped with two-component nozzles and dust-explosion protection
  • 1 Spray Drying Unit
    • 300tons - 10.000 tons/ campaign; mulit-purpose unit; equipped with high pressure or two-component nozzles and dust-explosion protection

The fluid bed units can be operated with water evaporation up to 5 tons/h per plant, and the spray towers at up to 1.5 tons/h per unit.

Our production plants are multi-purpose units. They are adapted and optimised for the product to be produced by our own factory workshops. Among other features, several liquid components can be sprayed simultaneously, or several solid components blown into the units during production by a gravimetric dosing system.

The versatility of our fluid bed and spray drying technologies coupled with the flexibility of the multi-function units at our sites permits a wide range of different drying processes and particle manipulations, which form the basis for our contract services.

Charging Stock Preparation

Conditioning options to convert raw materials and precursors into the desired form before further processing in a plant:

  • Heating or cooling liquid charging preparations in various stirring vessels
  • Weighed charge containers for producing complex mixtures with great accuracy
  • Manufacture of solutions, dispersions and emulsions from solid or liquid precursor components with gravimetric dosing in a wide range of mixing vessels from 1 - 25 m3 including high-shear mixers and Ultraturrax systems
  • Carrying out simple chemical reactions, such as complex formation, neutralisation, etc. in various reaction vessels

Technical Support

With our in-house workshops at each of our locations, we can keep our plants up to date and modify them to meet the requirements of new products and processes.

This adaptation work may be carried out directly on the plant, for example using different spraying nozzles and positions, or changing sieving plates, etc., or we can adapt to your product with indirect changes and attachments, such as air dehumidification units, a range of conveying systems, mixers, special pumps and dispersion systems.

Of course we can also provide additional measuring instruments (in addition to the standard measuring instruments) to control further parameters for you if your process needs them.


A further central element of our quality control system is the cleaning of plants. This is absolutely essential to ensure the quality of your product. Our plants are specially designed, for example providing additional entry points to the units, so that they can be thoroughly cleaned between different products. The intensive cleaning of plants, storage tanks, etc. is necessary to prevent cross-contamination between different products.

The plants, storage tanks and pipework systems are equipped with CIP cleaning systems, but of course, when necessary, can be dismantled for manual cleaning, and are always inspected by specially trained staff.

This intensive, fundamental cleaning reduces cross-contamination of products between different production campaigns to less than 1ppm.