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Plant Facilities & Services

Our plants are designed specially for contract production, so that they are very versatile and offer almost infinite potential for your products.

We have a range of plants adapted to the different process technologies. In this way we can achieve the best possible results.

In our workshops we can also modify our plants specifically for your product.

Outside our plants too, we are laid out for widely differing products, and we have a wide range of options for preparation of your product, for example, charging stock production or carrying out mild chemical reactions

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Analysis, which is carried out continually in our own laboratories, ensures the best resultant product and continuous process improvement. It also allows us to verify that we comply with customers’  requirements for their product, and so to ensure that quality is maintained.

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Our logistics too are set up for contract production. There is a wide range of options for delivery and storage, both for liquids and solids. We also work closely with our customers in matters concerning packaging and dispatch.

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