The following flexible logistics services round off our portfolio:

Supply of Precursors

Liquid Precursors:

  • Road tankers
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Rail tank cars (only at Genthin site)
  • Tanker barges (in planning for Genthin site)

Solid Precursors:

  • Big Bags
  • Drums
  • Bags
  • Silo trucks


Storage Capacities:

Storage for Liquids:


  • 550 m3 distributed among 10 storage tanks


  • 1.100 m3 distributed among 9 storage tanks

Some of the precursor tanks can be heated

Storage for Solids: 


  • 2.500 pallet storage spaces


  • 3.500 pallet storage spaces

There are also silos for storing bulk goods.

Mixing and Dosing: 

Several solid components can be fed into mixers at a later stage by gravimetric dosing.


Storage is possible on our own sites or with third parties.


Types of Package:

End products can be packed in Big Bags (250 kg – 1,000 kg), drums or bags (15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg) shrink-wrapped on pallets, in neutral packages or with customers’ labels.

Naturally trial and scale-up quantities (even very small quantities) produced in one of the laboratory or pilot plants can be packed as agreed with the customer, and dispatched with customer-specific labels.



Goods can be sent to the customer or directly to the end customer.