Current Thin Film Technology Projects

Besides our contract services, we pursue many different research projects with carefully selected partners. On these pages you will find an overview of our completed and current projects. The section covering our completed projects is just a selection from the complete list.

Composite Project EffiD: Optimized surfaces to improve the efficiency of innovative injection equipment for fertilizers
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Placed depot fertilization is a way to counteract nutrient losses and environmental impact. The fertilizer requirement in the soil is placed at sufficient depth to be easily accessible for the growing roots, regardless of the weather, and to reduce the biological conversion into the loss-prone nitrogen compounds.

Overall objective of the project:

The aim of this project is to significantly increase the power of the application tools of innovative injection equipment for solid or liquid fertilizers, with a low ground movement, in order to achieve a precisely placed and efficient fertilizer depots.

Within the Project Framework inprotec Undertook the FollowingTasks:

inprotec AG fulfilled the following tasks within the scope of the project:

  • Systemanalyse, Konkretisierung der Anforderungsprofile in Kooperation mit den Projektpartnern
  • Process development for coating from laboratory scale to series production, pre-treatment of ceramics in cooperation with the IWM Freiburg
SchmirMal Joint Project: Switchable, Intelligent Tribological Systems with Minimum Friction Loss and Maximum Working Life
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The project is about exploring the influence of electrical potential on friction and wear characteristics, and using the knowledge acquired to develop intelligent tribological systems.

Overall Project Objective

Demonstration of the significant increases in performance, loading capacity and working life, and reduced friction through switchable tribological characteristics.

Within the Project Framework inprotec Undertook the FollowingTasks:

inprotec fulfilled the following tasks within the project framework

  • System analysis, and establishing the requirement profile in cooperation with the project partners
  • Development of coating technology in cooperation with Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg

Completed Projects in the Area Thin Film Technics

  • OTRISKO Project:Optimum tribological system with carbon coatings, BMBF/WING, 2006-2009
    Sub-project at inprotec: Adaptation and further development of PECVD process technology for the deposition of optimised DLC coatings
  • In situ-DLC Project:In situ structured DLC coatings for friction reduction and minimum lubrication in tooling, slideway and ball bearing applications, BMBF/DLR, 2005-2008
    Sub-project at inprotec: Adaptation of PECVD process technology for the direct structuring of DLC coatings
  • biPrecursors Project:Modular atmospheric-pressure plasma / metastable sources for controlled gas management (APP)
    Sub-project at inprotec: Adhesion improvement of metals via bi-functional precursors
  • Ultra Surf Project: Development and realisation in production of innovative nanoparticle-based layer structures from switchable multi-functional polymer surfaces
  • Tribologically optimised surface layers and intelligent modification of geometries for low-friction and dry-running ceramic rolling-element bearings, BMBF/MaTech, 1999-2002
  • Design of surface layers for high-performance roller bearings (HWL), BMBF/PFT, 2001-2004
  • Support of an internal IWM-Research project: Development of efficient processes for the layout and design of tribologically stressed layer systems, Internal Research, 1998-2000
  • Directly structured DLC thick-coatings for use in tribologically highly stressed machine components (DLC thick coatings), BMWA/InnoNet, 2006-2008