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Fluidised Bed and Spray Drying Technologies are the Foundations of our Services

Today fluidised bed technology is a thermal drying technology that complements classical spray drying in several industrial sectors. These two technologies serve as the basis for our versatile contract services.

The basic principle of the technology is that a fluid medium flows through a container filled with solid particles. The flow causes the solid particles to mix with the flowing medium and become fluidised. The result is a free-flowing, loosened mass of fine-grained particles. The main feature of a fluidised bed is that it provides continuous drying, so that a defined residual moisture can be achieved. Further advantages are excellent heat and mass transfer, and the elimination of the risk of overheating.

Fluidised bed technology can be employed for various processes intended to modify the physical properties of the substances being treated. The excellent drying characteristics of this technology smooth the path for the development of further processes, such as agglomeration, coating and spray granulation.

The diagram below provides an overview of the different processes that are derived from fluidised bed technology:

  Liquids, aqueous solutions, oils, melts, powders, filter cake, flakes, granulates, suspensions, aqueous emulsions, melt suspensions, melt emulsions, bulk goods
  Fluidised-bed spray granulation, coating, agglomeration, matrix encapsulation, spray drying, spray solidification, drying
End Products
  Granulates from 200 µm to 5,000 µm grain size are possible.
Powder particles sizes from 20 µm to 200 µm are possible

Potential Properties:
Potential properties: dust-free, easy dosing, free-flowing, defined grain-size distribution, easy redispersibility, direct tablet compression, reduced hygroscopicity, homogeneous component distribution, uniform stoichiometry in every granulate, prevention of demixing, precise release of active substances, protection of granulates from environmental effects, prevention of storage incompatibilities


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