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Step 1: Discussion

At the start of the integral contract manufacturing approach, there must be intensive technical discussions with the customer. Initial approaches to the job are worked through jointly with the inprotec experts. Here we build on our experience with over 2,500 products and more than 10 years of expertise in drying and granulation.

For us your Ideas and Questions are our First Consideration:

  • Can these liquids be transformed into solids?
  • Would it be possible to spray dry or spray?
  • Could you help us overcome a drying capacity bottleneck?

These are some of the typical questions our customers pose when they contact us for the first time. But these same questions come from long-term customers and partners too when they want to implement new ideas or react to changing demands.

Your Advantages

  • The interdisciplinary thinking and actions of inprotec, coupled with their knowledge and many years experience, guarantee the high standard of quality you desire
  • We support you in the realisation of your product ideas