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Step 2: Feasibility Studies in the Laboratory

We already “see” the dust-free product or a free-flowing granulate when we encounter a liquid, a sticky paste, or a dusty powder. In our laboratory unit we can carry out feasibility studies, and prepare initial samples from widely differing starting materials and forms. The sample quantities are likely to be between 100 g and 5 kg, and can be used for initial application testing.

After just a few hours, or a day or two, we can show our customer the “first generation” of their idea in a “hands-on” form.

Your Advantages

  • We look closer at your starting materials and carry out feasibility studies on a laboratory scale
  • Feasibility in principle and initial sample quantities are quickly available
  • Flexibility through short development times for new particle and product forms
  • You gain a real time impression of your potential new product
  • We use your feedback constructively and work with you to find suitable, product-specific solutions to any problems that arise
  • Based on our experience we can already give you an initial estimate of processing prices for production quantities