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Step 3: Scale-up in the pilot plant

In the fluidised-bed spray-granulation pilot unit, we really “get to know” the product we are trying to make!

Here, in the course of several test runs, we can adjust the required process parameters to determine those that yield the desired end product. There is also the opportunity to optimise the process to increase the throughput of a product, and to produce the first representative samples in quantities between 50 kg and 5,000 kg.

In the pilot plant, and later in industrial fluidised-bed spray granulation units, processes can be run either batchwise, or continuously.

For spray drying we do not have our own pilot unit, but we can simulate the spray drying on our fluidized bed spray granulation pilot line by rebuilding it for the spray drying. The characteristics of the created powder are mainly different in following parts: morphology, flow ability and bulk density.

With the quantities produced in pilot plant runs, our customers can carry out the extended trials necessary for industrial approval of their products. The subsequent introduction of a new product in its target market can be realised without having to set up full-scale, volume production. In this way the resulting product introduction period is reduced to a minimum.

By carrying out such scale-up trials during piloting, we can also determine future production costs relatively accurately.

Your Advantages

  • Determination of possible process parameters for the required product form
  • Throughput optimisation by modifying process parameters
  • Representative sample quantities without a major production campaign
  • Rapid introduction of your new product to the market in tonnage quantities as a competitive advantage
  • Determination of future full-scale production costs for large quantities