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Step 4: Contract Production

For contract production, we have a broad range of technical possibilities available. With transfer from the pilot plant to the industrial fluidised bed spray granulation unit, we are able to manufacture commercial quantities up to 20,000 tons per production unit per year.

Nine production units (five fluidised bed spray granulation units and four spray drying towers) are available at two production sites, Heitersheim and Genthin.

A large number of conditioning options allows us to transform the raw materials and input substances into the desired form in our plants before further processing (for details, please see: Plant Facilities & Services).

In our computer-controlled production, we can carry out spray drying, spray granulation, coating, agglomeration, encapsulation, or simply dry bulk goods. This means that we are in a position to manufacture both complex specialties and “simple commodities” in very large quantities and at competitive prices. The campaign size can be flexibly adjusted from 20 tons to 10,000 tons.

Starting from solid, liquid, pasty or dusty raw materials, we manufacture powders or granulates (D50 from 20 µm to 5.000 µm – depending on requirements and the technology employed), using continuous or batch processes. Using special process control, specific particle properties, or even new particle attributes can be achieved.

Continuous sieving ensures defined grain sizes. During production we minimise raw material losses while, at the same time, recycling oversize and fine particles.

Continuous quality control of the manufactured particles accompanies the process; this is carried out by our analysis unit, and ensures that the final product complies with the agreed specification.

Our services are completed with a range of accompanying, flexible storage, packaging and transportation options (for details, please see: Plant Facilities & Services)

Your Advantages

  • Competitive contract production costs through large-scale, industrial production campaigns
  • Production quantities from 20 up to 10,000 tons within a single campaign
  • On-line quality control for uniform product quality
  • We can also provide additional, flexible services, such as storage, packaging and transport