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Step 4+1: Technology Transfer

Where product quantities or our customer’s strategy require, together with our partners, we can offer the engineering and construction of customised, turnkey fluidised-bed spray granulation plant, based on the already verified process.

For example, should the product be successful in the market, and sales exceed the expected quantity, then not only manufacture, but also the logistics become significant cost factors. In such cases an investment in the customer’s own fluidised-bed spray-granulation plant is often considered. inprotec AG is then ready to help with technology transfer. Of course, this can also be agreed from the start of a project. The result of this would be that inprotec AG develops and optimises the process in cooperation with the customer, and production is carried out in the customer’s plant.

We willingly transfer the experience gained with the product in contract production into the development and construction of customised plant for our customer. In this way we support seamless, competitive expansion in the market, without the usual start-up problems of a new plant.

Your Advantages

  • Transfer of the experience gained in contract production - technically and cost-optimised technology transfer
  • Your own customised plant from inprotec, developed, built and ready-to-run
  • Seamless, competitive expansion without start-up difficulties