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Fluid-Bed Drying

Fluidised Bed Drying: The Gentle Drying of moist Powders and Bulk Products


Moist powders, granulates or filter cake

Process Technology for Fluidised Bed Drying

Fluidised bed drying is the technology of choice for the controlled, homogeneous drying of powders, filter cake and granulates with high levels of residual moisture.

Fluidised bed drying is also suitable for post-drying of spray-dried, spray-granulated or extruded products, or for goods produced in mixers when very low residual moisture is demanded.

Results and Advantages of Fluidised Bed Drying

  • Drying of moist particles at defined temperatures to achieve a specified residual moisture
  • Evaporation of large quantities of water in a relatively short time
  • Homogeneous, gentle drying conditions